MOXO™ d-CPT is the preferred decision support tool for clinicians
worldwide when it comes to diagnosing attentional difficulties

MOXO™ d-CPT is the preferred decision support tool for clinicians worldwide when it comes to diagnosing attentional difficulties

97% of our clinicians would refer MOXO
to a colleague
0 %
of our clinicians
would refer MOXO
to a colleague
The only fully online, cloud-based validated CPT today

Learn why MOXO™ d-CPT is the ultimate CPT for the diagnosis of attentional difficulties

MOXO™ d-CPT was found to be highly effective in the measurement of Attentiveness, Impulsiveness, Timeliness and Hyper-Reactivity. However, it is due to the unique Distractor System employed by the test that led to its quickly gaining popularity. In addition, MOXO™ d-CPT utilizes a current and updated norm pool, containing over 900 international norms.

Therefore MOXO™ d-CPT is the clinicians preferred
decision support tool for diagnosing attentional difficulties

Telehealth Ready and Accessible From Any Computer

MOXO d-CPT is fully cloud-based and fits perfectly with your remote diagnosis protocol; accessible from any computer, with no installation or additional hardware required. 17% of MOXO assessments performed since the start of 2023 were done remotely – sending a remote test with us is as simple as sending an email to a friend.

Wide Range of Attentional and Executive Function Parameters

MOXO d-CPT incorporates both auditory and visual distractors with the intention of reflecting a client’s ecological experience. Our highly detailed reports cover not only standard attentional parameters but also how those parameters are affected by the distractors.

Privacy and Security to the Highest Standards

Security and privacy are fundamental for any clinical practice, therefore we take every step and measure to ensure confidentiality:

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • GDPR Compliant
  • ISO Certified
Ages 6-12
Teens & Adults
Ages 13-70

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Why Use MOXO?

The MOXO d-CPT is a clinically-trusted assessment backed by
 hundreds of peer-reviewed research publications, with over
 750k assessments conducted worldwide.

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Understanding MOXO Reports

What to expect from a MOXO report?

Sensitivity 90%
Specificity 86%

The results of an international study that included 798 children aged 7-12 yielded a 90% accuracy rate while identifying children with attention deficiencies using MOXO (90% sensitivity and 84% specificity). The study yielded statistically significant results for all of the indices that were evaluated: Attention, Hyper-Reactivity, Impulsiveness, Timing and Response time.

Clear results for all measured indexes

The MOXO is an innovative CPT test, used as an ADHD assessment tool. The tool provides accurate measurements of all four core symptoms of ADHD – Hyper-Reactivity, Inattention, Timing and Impulsivity.

Additional Reports to assist you even more

We offer three reports. The comprehensive report is our standard built-in report automatically generated at the end of each MOXO test. Additionally, we offer the Attentional Age Report – a great tool for clinicians needing to explain age gaps to parents of children aged 7-12. The treatment evaluation report lets you compare two test in a single interpreted report.


We are proud to share these testimonial from all over the world, of psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, researchers, neurologists and more all using MOXO™ d-CPT diagnosis to assist them in decision making tool.  

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