Early ADHD detection used to reduce school dropout rate

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Early ADHD detection used to reduce school dropout rate

Context & Objectives

“Our Children” is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help children fulfill their learning potential. The organization
currently works with 13 schools in Israel, with an emphasis on 1st-6th grades, implementing unique procedures developed to
reduce the rate of school dropouts in later years.
Ari Schoenfeld, the organization’s local manager, explains that a unique method has been developed, with the cooperation
of a didactic diagnostician, in order to help children who suffer from learning and attention deficit disorders (ADHD), and
thus are more prone to dropping out of school. The method is based on focused work with the children within a threemonth timeframe, combining intensive motor skill activity and cognitive effort. After three months, children with disorders
should be capable of receiving and processing information more quickly, thereby narrowing the gap between them and their


In order to identify children with attention or learning disorders, the organization performs a preliminary neurocognitive
test. The test is taken by the entire student body, which also helps to identify children whose quiet behavior has served as a
cloak for their disorders. The test is highly accessible to all children and is administered within the school itself. After the
test’s initial stage helps to identify children who may have ADHD, the organization staff uses the MOXO test for further


The MOXO test is performed in a discreet location within the school setting and its results are combined with previous
testing results and handed over to the school counselor. The counselor then notifies the parents as to the recommended
treatment. Children identified by MOXO as having a high likelihood for ADHD are often referred to further medical
consultation in order to prescribe appropriate treatment (medication or other interventions).
The testing process, which includes the MOXO test, allows the school staff to work together with the children’s parents and
establish a treatment program that helps reinforce the children’s achievements and prevent future dropout. In addition,
testing the entire student body allows the school to provide care for children who were previously not identified by the
education system.
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