School embraces test that helps improve students_ scholastic achievements

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School embraces test that helps improve students' scholastic achievements

Context & Objectives

Anat Berebbi, MA in special education, is an experienced didactic diagnostician with a record of accomplishment that spans over 18 years. She works in one of the leading schools in the city of Yavne in Israel, where she diagnoses children aged 7 to 15 and more. Dedicated to high student achievements, Berebbi has embraced MOXO® ADHD diagnostic test that helps in tailoring appropriate treatment for struggling students.


For the past two years, Berebbi has been administering the MOXO® d-CPT test, which is used mainly to pre-assess children that have been reported by the school staff as suffering from attention disorders. The MOXO® test specifically aids Berebbi in helping parents that have been informed by the school counselor regarding their child’s performance issues, but have been unable to undergo further testing. Thanks to MOXO, she is also better equipped to aid low income parents, who cannot afford regular diagnosis costs.
Berebbi occasionally performs the test without the use of preliminary questionnaires or parent interviews. MOXO® helps Berebbi present test results to parents in a very simple and self-explanatory manner. Both MOXO®’s Patient Attentiveness Profile Graph and Patient Performance Graph are presented in a colorful and coherent way, highlighting performance issues in any of the four attention indices measured by MOXO®, and in patient functioning during various test phases.


Berebbi has performed the MOXO® test hundreds of times and, as a professional, appreciates enhanced assessment results that ultimately lead to improved scholastic achievements. The test’s Patient Performance graph assists Berebbi in recommending the right treatment as well as in parental guidance. The graph particularly comes in handy in utilizing MOXO®’s set of environmental distractors to analyze whether performance is affected by visual or auditory distractors and recommending the appropriate environment for the child’s improved performance (for example, to be seated in the classroom’s first row or listen to music while doing homework.) Berebbi also uses MOXO® to detect the “quiet” kids, who perform poorly in comparison to their classmates. This was the case with M, a quiet and introverted 7th grade girl, who suffered from low self-esteem and whose grades were lagging behind. The initial screening of M’s executive functions using standard tools resulted in very high level scoring. However, MOXO® test results showed a tendency toward attention deficits. Consequently, M was referred to a specialist for further consultation regarding possible treatment. Drug treatment (Methylphenidate) was recommended, which proved to be very helpful in promoting M’s scholastic achievements and in enhancing her self-image. M has continued to develop successfully both academically and socially.
Berebbi stresses the fact that nowadays, parents are exposed to much misleading information. Therefore, she says, it is vital to diagnose a child for attention disorders as early as possible in order to allow the school to develop a long-term, comprehensive behavior improvement program designed for the child’s specific needs. For many such children, it is an important step towards success within the school setting and throughout their everyday lives.

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