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Support provided to college students during their academic studies helps improve their achievements

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The Max Stern Public College offers top quality higher education and research opportunities to the population residing within Israel’s northern periphery. As part of the personal attention provided to each student, the college operates an inhouse psychological and didactic diagnosis clinic, which helps students design a learning program that best fits their needs, in order to achieve greater academic scores.
The college provides these services throughout the academic year; however, the most pressing time is the beginning of the students’ freshman year, as at this time they are entitled to specific learning aids based both on performance and specific cognitive problems. The clinic is in charge of conducting assessment and diagnosis, which is administered by a didactic diagnostician and an educational counselor. All students aged 18 years and up are entitled to assessment and diagnosis.


In order to locate students who may suffer from attention disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) in addition to other unreported difficulties, the clinic team uses the MOXO® test as part of their diagnostic efforts. The test helps the clinic to distinguish between ADHD and other disorders, as well as to identify students who are not aware of having attention deficits or who have failed to report them.


Based on MOXO® test results, students in some cases are referred to a specialist (neurologist/psychiatrist) for medication or to a psychologist for behavioral treatment. In some cases, the specialist orders additional MOXO® tests during the course of treatment in order to assess and monitor the treatment’s efficacy.
Moreover, the clinic specifically uses the MOXO® Patient’s Performance Graph to analyze the effect of environmental distractors on student performance. Based on this analysis, the team recommends ways for performance improvement; for example, a student that performs poorly with auditory distractors may be advised to study in a quiet room isolated from surrounding noise. The college has designated specific areas for such needs, equipped with various learning aids and quiet rooms furnished with advanced technology.
The team also recommends a designated set of tools and learning strategies to help students achieve higher grades. This toolset coexists with specific accommodations in the regular learning program such as increased time for exams, lower quantities of study literature, etc.
Although students usually complete their clinical assessment within their freshman year, the clinic keeps track of the students’ performance throughout their entire academic studies, constantly adjusting their recommendations for further treatment as required.

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