Being a parent to a child with
attentional difficulties

MOXO™ d-CPT was found to be highly effective diagnostic tool assisting clinicians
to diagnose for Attentional Deficit Hyperreactivity Disorders (ADHD)



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The only fully online, cloud-based validated CPT today

Learn how MOXO has become the ultimate tool
for diagnosing attentional difficulties

MOXO was found to be highly effective in the measurement of 4 different indices Attentiveness, Impulsiveness, Timeliness and Hyper-Reactivity, but it is due to the unique distractor system deployed in the test that helped it to gain popularity among clinicians around the world.

The test that simulates real life distractors

MOXO d-CPT is a continuous performance test with a special ingredient that is uniquely ours – the “d” that stands for distractors. This is a unique distractor set of both auditory and visual distractions, allowing the patient’s performance to be tested in various environments used in the test.

Before selecting these specific distractors our developers tested over 20 types of distractors before finalizing on those selected ones used as they have the best results.

Gamification of animated elements

CPT tests are known to be very boring and hard to complete. It was important for us to have a test that was more like a game, yet walking the fine line between being not too engaging, yet not too boring. Kids, adolescents and adults are happy to do complete the test since they are livelier and engaging, yet still hard to complete.

The gamified elements utilized by MOXO d-CPT are customized to stimulate the age group of the test taker.

Highly secure and data protected

MOXO d-CPT is HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant – these are the highest security measures for such a product, the data collected is highly secure, and data protected. MOXO d-CPT is the ONLY CPT that is fully online and cloud-based, the test can be done on any computer at anytime, anywhere.

The MOXO does not use letters or numbers making it truly universal, and culturally unbiased.

Remote testing - MOXO™ d-CPT HOME

The MOXO is fully available as a home test that can be done remotely in the convenience of your home. In fact, our clinicians can send the MOXO test to your home from their home office. You do not require any special technical capabilities to do this.

All that is required is your email to receive the email with the test link. Clicking the link immediately begins the test. No downloads are required.

MOXO for Children
Ages 6-12

MOXO kids is designed for children aged 6-12. It provides clinicians with tools that assist them the process of diagnosing attentional difficulties such as ADHD and patient monitoring. MOXO is a continuous performance test that is done online and a clinic or at home.

MOXO for Teens & Adults
Ages 13-70

Here are some facts about ADHD for you…
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most common neurobehavioral disorder of childhood. While many children with ADHD outgrow it, about 70% still have it in adulthood.

What makes MOXO different

Why should I get diagnosed?

Here are some important facts about ADHD:

Although ADHD may seem like a will power problem it’s actually a neurological chemical imbalance problem.

Up to 16.4% of adults have ADHD, but only around 4.4% are formally diagnosed in the US every year.
About 20%-35% of children with ADHD outgrow the condition, meaning that they no longer have ADHD symptoms resulting in impairment to their adult life.

Understanding MOXO Reports

Understanding MOXO Reports

How accurate is the test?

An international clinical trial including 798 children aged 7-12 yielded a 90% accuracy rate while identifying children with attention deficiencies using MOXO The trial concluded 90% sensitivity and 84% specificity.

What is measured?

The MOXO is an innovative continuous performance test, used as an attentional difficulties assessment tool. The test provides accurate measurements of all four core symptoms of ADHD – Attentiveness, Impulsiveness, Timeliness and Hyper-Reactivity

What kind of reports are there?

The Advanced Comprehensive Report is our standard built-in report automatically generated at the end of each MOXO test. Additionally, we offer clinicians another report called the Advanced Attentional Age Report – this is a great tool for you to understand age gaps. This report is only relevant for the Kids test.


MOXO test are completed all over the world, by various professionals to assist them in decision making tool. psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, researchers, neurologists and more. We are proud to share with you some of the testimonials we received.