Untreated ADHD in Adults can
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The MOXO Adolescents & Adults test is specifically designed for anyone aged 13 to 70, it provides clinicians with a unique set of data that assists them in the process of diagnosis and patient monitoring for attentional difficulties such as attentional deficit hyperreactivity disorders (ADHD).

The best features of MOXO Adolescents & Adults

MOXO Adolescents & Adults test advantages

A quick 18.5 minute online test

Before the test begins there is a short tutorial displayed on the screen followed by a keyboard and sound calibration, followed by a test demo to confirm understanding.

Multilingual in 12 languages

During the test only animated images appear on the screen. You do not need to know how to read tests or understand numbers to complete the test Th pre-test tutorial is available in 12 languages.

Image based Stimuli matched to adults

The test is created with adults in mind. The images and distractors utilized such as cards, bottles, cars, and planes are all age applicable aimed at creating an at ease, engaging, gamified atmosphere.

Multi-cultural current, updated norms base

The clinical study of the MOXO d-CPT was conducted on an international group of people, from different cultures, ethnicities and genders. The norms yielded a 90% sensitivity and 84% specificity rates

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Unique visual and auditory distractor set

The MOXO test has been designed to include salient visual and auditory stimuli that are independent of the core task with the purpose of identifying distractibility as well as improving overall sensitivity and specificity of attentional results.

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See what makes MOXO d-CPT different

Watch a real MOXO demo

This animation is to give you a sense of what to expect from a MOXO Teens and Adults test. The clip will show you the process, some of the features and test settings and even give you a glimpse to a demo of the test itself.